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Custom Battery Pack
We have developed custom replacement batteries for the Hasselblad ELM / ELX camera.  Our battery packs include AAA size NiMH rechargeable batteries.  Performance and longevity is greater than the original stacked button cell battery. 

Our battery packs are priced well below the originals.  Cost: $29.95

Contact us to place an order.

5 NiMH AAA Cells, 800mAh, 1.2V x 5 = 6 Volts

Recharge time to full capacity:

4 to 6 hours = 1 Battery Pack
8 to 10 hours = 2 Battery Packs

Our Battery Packs can be recharged inside the camera using the original Hasselblad battery charger.
Photo of Hasselblad AAA Battery Pack
Custom Battery Pack (LEFT) compared to original Hasselblad battery (RIGHT)